About Slippery Rock Commercial Roofing Contractors, Inc

Since its inception in 1985, Slippery Rock Commercial Roofing Contractors Inc. has been installing the highest quality low and steep-slope commercial and industrial roofs. An approved contractor by Garland, Carlisle, Firestone, Tremco, and Johns Manville to name a few, Slippery Rock Commercial Roofing has established itself in the name of Quality. Our craftsmen have the knowledge and expertise in both installation and safety to address any commercial roof whether it is a hot asphalt or pitch built up roof, single ply, modified bitumen, metal, tile, or slate. Our professionally installed roofs are completed timely and are budgeted accordingly to ensure a great experience for our clients. Additionally, our roofs carry warranties that are available for decades.


Slippery Rock Commercial roofing has full time repair crews that are dedicated solely to quickly solving roof leaks. They are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to address your leak immediately upon call.

Our Mission

Slippery Rock Commercial Roofing’s Mission is simple: To install the industry’s top-quality roof that will last for decades while building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Quality works

Slippery Rock Commercial Roofing is known for its quality roofs, installed professionally by Union Roofers and Waterproofers. With decades of experience in all types of roofing, our estimators evaluate each job down to the smallest details to ensure every specification is met. Management is in constant communication with our Roofers and show a physical presence on all our projects to provide Quality Assurance.


We have our client’s best interest in mind. We aim to build long lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers. We employ a transparent business model so our clients are always informed of updates during projects. Slippery Rock Commercial Roofing has employees dedicated to communicating with our clients before, during, and long after our projects are completed ensuring that no question is left unanswered.


Slippery Rock Commercial roofing is partnered with several roof manufacturers such as Garland, Tremco, Carlisle, Versico, Firestone, and more. Slippery Rock Commercial Roofing has been recognized by these manufacturers since our beginnings in 1985 and continues to install their roofs at the highest standards. Additionally, we maintain relationships with representatives from these manufacturers to ensure their products are installed properly.


When it comes to protecting your property from water damage, you need a partner you know will install a reliable roof. If a client suffers water damage from a leaky roof, the roofer is held accountable. At Slippery Rock Commercial Roofing, we understand this. That’s why we only install the industry’s toughest roof in line with rigorous manufacturer standards and employ a Quality Assurance process over all our projects.

Our Roofing Services

From high rise buildings in downtown Pittsburgh to a technical Slate roof repair, Slippery Rock Commercial Roofing Contractors has seasoned employees that know how to handle every facet of the job from logistics to application and safety. We have all the equipment necessary and technical knowledge to efficiently complete every project we take on.